6 daily tasks in ERP which become a lot easier with a PIM-system

- This is how you make ERP easier with PIM.

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If you’re using an ERP system as the focal point for your work with product information, you’ve probably experienced that it can be both cumbersome and time-intensive.

How would things look if you could free yourself of the limitations of the ERP system and instead use a PIM system for all your product data?

We’ll answer that in this e-blog, where we go through six daily scenarios and illustrate the difference between working with either an ERP system or a PIM system.

  • This is how easy it is to create a new product entry
  • This is how you update and modify the product information
  • Smart preparation of new products for sales
  • This is how easy it’ll be to use data from the ERP on other channels (output)
  • Print out easily adapted data from the ERP
  • Quickly find relevant product information in the ERP