A CMO’s guide to
success with PIM

- How to create better purchasing experiences for your customers – much faster

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A CMO’s guide to  e-commerce  success with PIM

Everything has to go faster, while tasks are simultaneously becoming more complex. As a marketing manager, you are trapped between opposing pressures. If you want to succeed in both, you need to work smarter.

This is where a Product Information Management (PIM) system can help you. It removes the complexity and time consumption from the product information work.

This is a huge advantage with regard to e-commerce, which in recent years, is something many companies are involved in. This is why we want to show you in this guide how a PIM system helps marketing by simultaneously meeting the boss’s desire for faster time-to-market times and the customer’s requirement for perfect product presentations.

Learn more about how marketing can:

  • Shorten time-to-market times in e-commerce
  • Easily add several languages to the online store and other channels
  • Ensure uniform branding across all of the channels
  • Provide online store customers with the best possible purchasing experience with perfect product data