PIM for e-commerce:

Faster online with detailed product data in the online store

The quality of product data is crucial for the customer experience in your online shop.

You must sell products online. Period.

Today, it’s not a question of whether customers should be able to buy your products online – only a question of how.

But it can present challenges...

That e-commerce is a necessity does not make it simple, however.

If you try to manage your product information exclusively in Excel sheets and the ERP system, you run into a number of challenges. Creating and maintaining product data is a resource-intensive, manual task, and the ERP system does not allow you to do so smartly. In the end, it costs in terms of your time-to-market.

Furthermore, inconsistent or missing ecommerce product data management  will create a bad customer experience and you will lose sales if customers cannot combine products and find related products in your online store.

 What is PIM in ecommerce?

What is PIM in ecommerce?

With the right Product Information Management (PIM) system you can get detailed, consistent product information in your online shop while reducing the time you spend handling product data.
How Perfion PIM resolves e-commerce challenges

How Perfion resolves e-commerce PIM challenges

The right Product Information Management system gives you full control of your product data, thus turning it into a competitive advantage.

You can scale your business faster to new audiences and new markets, and you can spend your time creating the best customer experience instead of correcting errors.

The key benefits of using Perfion PIM for ecommerce:

  • Rapid importing and processing of supplier data.
  • Easy enrichment of product information from suppliers.
  • Fast language versioning of product texts.
  • Full control of how information is categorized and displayed in the online store.
  • Advanced search and filtering.
  • Efficient handling of product images, videos and other media types.
  • Easy distribution of updated product data to Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.
Best-of-breed PIM-system

Best-of-breed PIM-system for ecommerce

When choosing a PIM solution for your online shop, you are faced with a basic choice:

Should it be an integrated PIM solution built into your e-commerce module that can only deliver product data to your online store? Or should it be a best-of-breed PIM solution that can simultaneously handle product information for other websites, business portals, catalogues, price lists, data sheets, mobile apps and all your other sales and marketing channels?

While an integrated solution will often be cheaper in the short term, a best-of-breed PIM system offers important advantages with regard to ecommerce data management:

You get a more flexible solution with greater functionality, and most importantly, you make yourself independent of your online store solution. When your product information lives in your PIM system, you can seamlessly change your online shop when your needs change – without losing your product data.

Read more about PIM ecommerce integration: 

How to choose the right PIM system – Best-of-breed or integrated solution?

How to choose the right PIM system for your online store

How to choose the right PIM system
for your online store

In this guide we take you through the five steps to selecting the right Product Information Management solution for your online store - what you should emphasize and which pitfalls you should avoid.

Online store owners increase sales with Perfion PIM

Read how the PIM system has increased online sales for other companies:

The whole online channel business generated additional sales with Perfion
Case story

The whole online channel business generated additional sales with Perfion

“In Product Data Management, the Single Source of Truth approach is the only thing that makes sense to us. The Perfion PIM system supports our B2B and B2C e-commerce and has become a real game changer in the online channel business. The investment in PIM is really paying off."


The PIM system opened the door to our online B2B platform and webshop
Case story

The PIM system opened the door to our online B2B platform and webshop

“Without a PIM system to manage all the product data that cannot be stored in an ERP system, it had not been possible to create our new B2B webshop.

We can also see that the number of orders in the webshop increases steadily as we import more and more detailed product information, images and other data into Perfion. The more products we present optimally in the webshop, the more we sell."


A CMO’s guide to e-commerce success with PIM

A CMO’s guide to e-commerce success with PIM

Learn how marketing can:

  • Shorten time-to-market times in e-commerce
  • Easily add several languages to the online store   and other channels
  • Ensure uniform branding across all of the channels
  • Provide online store customers with perfect product data

Perfion PIM gives you:

Product display on the customer’s terms

With Perfion, you can create dedicated assortments and hierarchies in the form of menus and categories, making it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.

You also have the option of tying products together in bundles and showing related products that increase your additional sales.

Great product presentations in your online store

Your product presentation determines whether or not you receive the order. This requires high-quality product photos and video as well as detailed descriptions of features, specifications and relevant metadata.

For example, you will have:

  • High-quality photos and videos.
  • The possibility of viewing photos in a larger, more detailed view.
  • Detailed product descriptions and technical information for customers to compare.
  • Availability and delivery times.
  • Related products.
  • Maintenance manuals, certificates, etc.
Ready for B2B e-commerce?

Ready for B2B e-commerce?

Get concrete advice on how to clean up your product information and read about the six things you need to manage in order to succeed with B2B e-commerce.

Complete integration between PIM and your online shop

Perfion PIM can be fully integrated with your e-commerce platform.

Learn more about:

Magento Commerce

Sana Commerce

OXID eSales



Perfion E-Commerce API (the bridge for all e-commerce platforms)

Simple distribution to other e-commerce channels

Capture your customers where they are by selling your products on Amazon, Google Shopping and other digital marketplaces. With Perfion PIM, you can easily integrate with the marketplaces where you want to be present, and the system ensures that your product data is delivered in the right format.

How you prepare yourself for Amazon

How you prepare yourself for Amazon

Start by making a strategy for what you will do when Amazon comes to your market.

This guide will prepare you to hit the ground running.

Answer five simple questions and find out if your product information is ready for B2B e-commerce

Answer five simple questions and find out if your product information is ready for B2B e-commerce

It only takes one minute.

Once you have completed the test, we will analyze your results and give you specific advice on how to optimize your product data so that you achieve the greatest possible success with your online store.

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