Price lists and datasheets

Create price lists and datasheets much faster
using a PIM system - and all product data is
always up-to-date.

Perfion makes it quick and easy to generate pricelist catalogs and datasheets automatically

  • with relevant items,
  • in desired languages,
  • with chosen price variants,
  • for specific customers,
  • in many different formats, such as Adobe PDF, web HTML & MHT, Microsoft Excel, RTF (Rich Text Format),
  • and in a number of different image formats like: TIFF, PNG, JPEG - etc.

Datasheets and specific pricelists with selected products

With the Perfion PIM system you can create correctly laid-out price lists and datasheets with selected products in no time, because all the latest product data are stored in the PIM system.

You simply select the desired products and their data immediately flows into your price list template and product data sheet templates that have been set up in advance in the PIM system.

At the press of a button, you generate a PDF or other file type from PIM that can be sent directly to the customer, including the customer’s discounts and special prices in the correct currency.

 Easy design & organization

Easy design & organization

With its built-in catalog management and price list management functionality, Perfion makes it a breeze to create and organize all of your catalogs, specification sheets and price lists. You can even take full control over both the ordering and layout of all individual catalog sections and product items.
How to publish catalogs, datasheets and pricelists with PIM

How to publish catalogs, datasheets and price lists in a flash with a PIM system

This guide covers some of the typical challenges in working with catalogs, price lists and datasheets, and how a Product Information Management system can speed up work and improve results.


How companies have automated price list and datasheet creation

Read how the PIM system has revolutionized the datasheet and price list production in other companies:

Case story Data sheet updating time went from 2-3 hours to 5 minutes
Case story

Data sheet updating time went
from 2-3 hours to 5 minutes

“The previous process to update a single datasheet across all 21 languages was 2-3 hours.

Making the same change in Perfion takes 5 minutes – and the accuracy of our customer facing data is much greater."

We generate product data sheets at the press of a button in the ERP system
Case story

We generate product data sheets at the press of a button in the ERP system

At Maison Truffe, product data sheets are created directly from an offer at the press of a button in Microsoft Dynamics without having to re-enter information a second time in another system.

Therefore, the administrative burden in connection with preparing offers has been remarkably reduced with the PIM system.

Price lists are automatically updated with new data
Case story

Price lists update automatically
with new data

When product data changes in Perfion, the price lists at AMO Toys update automatically with the new data.

If customers want product data on specifically selected goods, this specific data can easily and quickly be exported in the desired format.

Get your free Perfion live demo

Get your free Perfion live demo

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