PIM for pump and valve manufacturers:

Higher quality data and easier product data administration with the Perfion PIM system

For pump and valve manufacturers, correct product data is essential. But often, a large number of possible product configurations means that the manual administration of product data is very time-consuming and subject to errors. The Perfion Product Information Management (PIM) system can resolve these issues.

Five major advantages of Perfion PIM for pump and valve manufacturers

  • You can present detailed data to the customer.
  • You can rely on data being up-to-date and valid.
  • You will significantly reduce resource consumption from producing product sheets and displaying products on websites and other channels.

  • You will reduce time-to-market with efficient product data quality assurance.

  • You can easily manage product data in multiple languages for export markets.

If you work with pumps and valves, you know that accurate specifications of sizes, performance curves, power consumption, etc. are essential for customers

If you want to market your products effectively, you must be able to deliver a detailed and correct product sheet, often with several pages of tables, graphs and diagrams. At the same time, it must be easy to use data across digital channels such as websites, technical portals, e-catalogs, etc.

The challenge is that there is a lot of subcomponent data, and the picture becomes even more complex when multiple configurations are involved. Thus, designing product sheets manually is resource-intensive and subject to data errors.

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Valid, detailed product data and product sheets for pump and valve manufacturers

Valid, detailed product data and product sheets

However, with Perfion PIM, it is easy to create and maintain product data centrally and quickly combine data into detailed product sheets. With automated processes, manual data maintenance can be eliminated.

You can also combine data from a variety of possible configurations – such as a pump series – to generate a product sheet or a digital display of the product’s specifications at intervals that take all possible combinations within the series into account.

Data inheritance streamlines work for pump and valve manufacturers

Data inheritance streamlines the work

A number of parameters are identical for many components. Manually processing product information means that the same information must be added again and again, but with Perfion PIM, the process can be streamlined significantly with data inheritance.

In Perfion, you select which data you want to inherit from other components; thus, you only need to make a change in one place to edit all components that have the same data. It is also possible to inherit data between different levels, so that overall data is inherited for all products in the category, for example, while specific specifications are only inherited for the relevant product types.

Efficient overview of product information for pump and valve manufacturers

Flexible approval process and efficient product information overview

The need for 100 percent correct data means that manufacturers of pumps and valves often have thorough and lengthy approval processes for product sheets, for example. Typically, a number of product managers must approve the components for which they are responsible.

This approval process becomes a simple matter in the Perfion PIM system, where you can automate the process using workflows. In this way, you can easily get an overview and see what input you need.

Perfion’s “where used” function also gives you quick insight into where specific products, images and other product information are currently displayed. With the ability to configure dashboards in Perfion, you can easily create a visual overview of product data use.

Fast language versioning for export markets for pump and valve manufacturers

Fast language versioning for export markets

Pump and valve product information is complex enough on its own; in addition, you need to be able to communicate your product data in different languages to all your export markets.

Keeping track quickly becomes confusing unless you have a Product Information Management system that makes it easy to maintain data across languages.

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This guide covers some of the typical challenges in working with catalogs, price lists and datasheets, and how a Product Information Management system can speed up work and improve results.

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Perfion PIM leverer produktinformion til 20 websites på 28 sprog hos AVK
Case story

Perfion feeds product information on 50,000 SKUs to 20 websites in 28 languages

As one of the world’s leading valve manufacturers, with thousands of SKUs and 28 languages to communicate in, AVK has huge amounts of product information to keep track of. Previously, this was a challenge, but with the flexibility and user-friendliness of the Perfion PIM system, AVK has significantly improved their efficiency.

Previously, it took 2-3 hours to update a datasheet in 21 languages. Now it takes 5 minutes.
Case story

Previously, it took 2-3 hours to update a datasheet in 21 languages. Now it takes 5 minutes.

With Perfion’s built-in report designer, Watson-Marlow's 9000 data sheets can be created / updated and published on the website automatically in all languages with consistent product data from Perfion.

Handling a change in a data sheet now takes 5 minutes instead of the previous 2-3 hours.

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