PIM for wholesalers:

Efficient, customized distribution of product data
with Perfion PIM

Customers with different requirements for data formats and increasing requirements for documentation are some of the challenges that wholesale companies can solve with a PIM system. By consolidating all product information into one system, it becomes possible to significantly minimize manual work.

Five major advantages for wholesalers in
using Perfion PIM

  • You can effectively deliver product information in the format and way that each customer wants.
  • You eliminate manual processes, so you can increase your range without extra administration.
  • You can let the customers serve themselves online and always find up-to-date customer-specific product data.
  • You lower time-to-market through effective onboarding and enrichment of new products.
  • You can easily meet customers’ increasing demands for product documentation.

It is crucial that a wholesale business does not
become a cumbersome, expensive intermediary

You need to be able to deliver complete product information on the customer’s terms without errors, and you cannot afford heavy manual administration of product data when you want to scale the business by taking in more goods on the shelves.

The challenge is often that product data is spread across several systems and Excel sheets, and without a PIM system such as Single Source of Truth for product data, it will be very difficult to deliver product data in the quality and speed that a competitive market demands.

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Please get in touch if you have any questions

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Increasing requirements for product documentation

Increasing requirements for product documentation

Businesses face requirements for documentation of energy consumption, environmental impact and traceability, and various certificates, depending on the country and industry. Customers are increasingly demanding this type of metadata, which is difficult to efficiently handle manually.

In the Perfion PIM system, it is simple to build a structure so that you can handle different forms of metadata and deliver precisely the product information that is relevant for the individual customer or the individual market.

Customer-specific standards, price lists and data sheets

Customer-specific standards, price lists and data sheets

Special agreements for every customer. With the Perfion PIM system, you can automatically generate customer-specific data sheets and price lists that draw on all the information you have saved in Perfion.

At the same time, you can set up the PIM system to deliver product information according to the industry standards that your customers demand.

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How to publish catalogs, datasheets and price lists in a flash with a PIM system

How to publish catalogs, datasheets and price lists in a flash with a PIM system

This guide covers some of the typical challenges in working with catalogs, price lists and datasheets, and how a Product Information Management system can speed up work and improve results.

Let the customers serve themselves

Let the customers serve themselves

Customers are used to looking for information themselves and expect to be able to find detailed product data online.

By integrating a PIM system and website, online store or data pools, you ensure that customers can always find complete, up-to-date product information online, making it easy to do business with you.

Fast onboarding and continuous enrichment of new products

Fast onboarding and continuous enrichment of new products

Many wholesale companies make several annual replacements in the product line, which is why it is important to be able to onboard new products painlessly. Perfion PIM also provides a clear overview of where you lack data, so you can continuously enrich your products or make changes.

With Perfion PIM, you have the opportunity to have a large range of products that you can present to customers, but wait to create them in the ERP system until they are actually sold.

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6 daily tasks in ERP which become a lot easier with a PIM system

6 daily tasks in ERP which become a lot easier with a PIM-system

Release yourself from the limitations of the ERP system and publish all product information – including ERP data – directly in your webshop, catalogs, data sheets and price lists. In this guide, we explain how.

Data inheritance streamlines the work

Data inheritance streamlines the work

Many items share product information, and when manually handling product information you must add the same information again and again. You avoid this with Perfion PIM, where the process is significantly streamlined by data inheritance.

This means you only need to make a change one place to edit all products with the same data. It is also possible to inherit data from different levels, so that overall data is inherited for all products in the category, for example, while specific data is only inherited for the relevant product types.

See our customer cases

Read how we have helped other wholesalers:

Vi genererer produktdatablade ved et enkelt tryk på en knap i ERP-systemet
Case story

We generate product data sheets at the press of a button in the ERP system

At Maison Truffe, product data sheets are created directly from an offer at the press of a button in Microsoft Dynamics without having to re-enter information a second time in another system.

Therefore, the administrative burden in connection with preparing offers has been remarkably reduced with the PIM system.

Hos Liberty Wines styrer Perfion den voksende mængde metadata, som også publiceres direkte via PIM-systemet
Case story

At Liberty Wines, Perfion is the source for a growing amount of meta data that is also published directly from within the PIM system

Perfion manages not only product information about individual wines, but also metadata such as:

  • Tasting notes
  • Wineyard and vintage information
  • Recommendations
  • ...and various other bits and pieces
Med Perfion sparer vi 90% af den tid, som vi før brugte på at indtaste en salgsvare fra analoge datakilder
Case story

With Perfion we save 90% of the time that we used earlier to type up an article from analog data sources

With the new shadow database from Perfion, Eisen-Fischer’s employees can now quickly find all the products (stock items and suppliers’ articles) and add them directly to the order lines in the ERP system, without having to create all products in ERP.

Several hundred yearly working hours that were previously spent looking up, typing etc., are now available for other activities.

Answer nine simple questions and find out if you can profit from a PIM system

Answer nine simple questions and find out
if you can profit from a PIM system

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Many companies benefit greatly from establishing a “single source of truth” for their product data with a PIM system. PIM systems reduce time-consuming manual processes and error rates.

See Perfion PIM in action

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