Ready for B2B e-commerce?

- This is how stellar product information lets your webshop soar

B2B e-commerce is a gold mine waiting to be exploited. According to Forrester Research, the turnover in B2B webshops will be 1.2 billion dollars world-wide in 2020.

A lot of B2B-companies are therefore venturing into e-commerce, but it’s a difficult transition if not implemented correctly from the get-go. Having a poor quality of product data can make all the difference between success and failure.

Therefore, this white paper gives you specific advice on what you need to get a handle on and how you do it.

Read about:

  • 6 things you need to get a handle on in order to succeed with e-commerce
  • The most common obstacles on the path to success – and how to overcome them
  • How to do a thorough cleaning of your product information

Ready for B2B e-commerce?

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